Welcome. I’m Kelli and I’m really glad to meet you. I’m an adoring wife to my soulmate and mother to four precious kiddos. I’m on a journey learning how to budget and teaching others what I’ve learned so far as well as finding all the many creative ways there are to make money online. In addition, I love blogging, brownies, the Living Well Planner created by Elite Blog Academy’s Ruth Soukup (just love love love her too!), and oh so many more things and I’ve created this here little blog to share it all with you so grab a cup of whatever it is you’re drinking and sit back and enjoy the ride!
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On a little bit more of an intimate note, I work as a Paralegal/Web Designer/Advertising and Marketing Executive/Financial Consultant side by side with my hubby, Greg, who’s an Family Law Attorney and we own a full-service Family Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona, Riebesehl Family Law Offices. (602) 621-0779. We’ve been doing this since 2001 and we love it! We love working together! We love that it gives us so much time with our three younger children! We love helping people through not only their family law cases but also helping to put them back together financially! We love that it gives us time to blog, which is our favorite hobby and now turning into a side business! We just love it!

During our most precious family time we love boating, RVing, traveling, meeting new people, and just plain playing hard. In my free time (I know, what’s that? 🙂 ) I love to read, especially all those great blogs out there! I also love baking, Dr. Seuss, reading children’s books to my little ones which aren’t so little anymore so hopefully someday (not too soon as they are just now tween and early teens but somewhere out there) they’ll have grandbabies for me to read to, writing, creating, paper crafts, coloring, collecting Starbuck’s rewards, I love my Instant Pot, Winnie The Pooh (Especially as a way of life- he’s my Guru and I personally think honey will fix any situation 🙂 ), Precious Moments Figurines, making cookie dough ornaments, taking bubble baths, long walks, kettle corn, playing in the rain, snuggling with my family including our two puppies, a German Shepherd Lab Mix (BOO BOO) and a Toy Poodle Chihuahua Mix (Minnie) and our Bearded Dragon (Snori short for Sonorasaurus) on a cold winter night and watching a great movie, etc.

Dream BIG... the possibilities are endless!
Take Care,